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Enhance your Patient's

Waiting Experience..

QUEZAPP - Doctor's Status App.
Streaming your Queue Live & Exclusive for you & your patients.

Professional , Profitable , Promotional & Peaceful !!

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or dial (808) 188-1155 for assistance

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Tokens & Appointments

Get a dedicated Token Manager and Appointment Scheduler with Live Status Updates & Real-Time Track.

Tech made Simple

Lets you take good care of your patients problems, taking great care of your practice problems.

Refer & Remind

Send real time reminders for your clinic or referrals for your partner doctor/clinic/Hospital.

Visiting & Re-Visiting

Automate your patients visits & re-visits as per days or no of settings per days in Real-Time.

Revenues & Profits

Let us promote your practice by organizing your service as offers & packages

Reliable Pricing

Get a price quote before you order. We start with Rs 6000 / - annum per clinic*. Order Now !

its for you

Great service at a great price. I really appreciate your Support Team.

- Dr. Murali Mohan

The service was outstanding and the mobile app was incredibly simple.

- Dr. Suresh

The price was a lot lesser than less expensive than I thought it would be.

- Dr. Geetha

Great experience..! Got me professional and Profitable with in no-time.

- Dr. Sree Hari

We're Here To Help

Enhance your Patients Waiting Experience.

We've all been there. Stuck and not sure how long to wait. "15-60 minute" waiting times that turn into hours. Limited information or services. Huge investments on useless & return less solutions. Calling receptions endlessly, just to find doctor’s queue status. Does this sound familiar?

That's why we've created a better way, and we stand behind it.

Quezapp is a real time queue streaming app with doctor’s status updates. It comes with display solutions like LEDs & TVs and transparent and reliable prices nationwide. It's that simple. The way it should be. Download it free to join.ur revolution!

Call Quezapp Now
or dial (808) 188-1155 for assistance

For immediate help, call (808) 188-1155